Kira Taylor

Intuitive Life Coach.

I coach women who want more health, wealth, and happiness. Women who crave more energy and emotional balance. Women in pursuit of more fulfilling relationships in love, friendship, and community. Most important, I work with women who seek lasting change.  ​​



Most of us don't change because we have something in the way. I call these blocks.



Intuitive life coaching works by shifting your mindset to something more positive.



Visioning is learning to create from your future self, a way of being the future you now.​



The result of intuitive life coaching is lasting change. The type of change is up to you.

Why I do what I do.

I'm a full-time intuitive life coach for one reason: I believe this single natural talent—intuition—is the key to happiness and success. The problem is most of us no longer use our intuition. We don't even know it's there. Or if we do, we don't trust it. We over-think everything. We procrastinate. Worse, we want to change but instead, do nothing.


Choose me as your life coach, and together let's take back your life. This is my personal invitation: Join me for what I call Intuitive Coaching, a coaching experience that will help you to achieve almost any change in your life—health, business, finances, relationships, or some change entirely your own.

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About me.

I'm Kira Taylor, a full-time intuitive life coach. I help women like you achieve lasting change in all parts of your life. 

I've studied with Hannah Pilnick and Sara Wiseman and Brooke Castillo, where I discovered that intuition and mindset, together, were the keys to any genuine change.

The 4 Pillars of Change.

Intuitive Coaching is a personal life coaching program designed to initiate change. No matter your goals, intuitive life coaching offers a proven framework for reaching them. 


I’ve created a handful of practical strategies I use to teach you exactly how to remove blocks, rid yourself of limiting beliefs, visualize the new you, all while heightening your own intuitive capabilities. The result is lasting change.









If this sounds like fun (hint, coaching with me is a blast), then keep reading and find out more. Or better, call me now, and let's get started.

Call me now at 1-213-595-2656.

What's blocking you?

Once we start coaching, the first thing we'll do is identify anything in your way.​ By anything, I mean blocks. I believe we all have blocks, emotional or physical, or we don't know what they are, but whenever we set a new goal, one of these blocks rears its ugly head.​

Together we will release any blocks—all the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve you. We'll start by identifying the exact thoughts holding you back from living your purpose. Sometimes I refer to this as your soul's purpose.


Give me a couple of life coaching sessions or energy healing sessions, again what we call them isn't important, and I promise to uncover the core of these blocks and limiting beliefs. 

Say goodbye to limiting beliefs.

 In my experience, these blocks have been stuck in your head for years, sometimes decades. What's kept them in place is your limiting beliefs. Thoughts like I'm not good enough. I'm too thin or too fat. I'm lousy with money, or I've got oodles of it but refuse to spend a nickel. 

Our next step is to get rid of these beliefs. Poof, gone.


Work with me, and it's really that easy.

Don't believe me? Maybe you'll trust Anna C. of Newport Beach, California. "I wish Kira would have popped into my life earlier! Her innate wisdom and deep-reaching intuition have a way of uncovering old wounds. Best of all, she then makes them vanish."


The Details.

Intuitive Coaching is a 3-month life coaching experience that includes the following:

  • Weekly private life coaching sessions via phone or Zoom.

  • Our initial call is really an energy healing session aimed at identifying the source of your blocks.


  • Subsequent coaching calls examine your limiting beliefs, the ideas that keep your blocks in place and prevent you from accomplishing new, bigger, and better goals. ​​

  • One guided, intuitive healing meditation that will enhance our weekly calls. The healing meditation is recorded and emailed to you as an audio file.

  • Each private life coaching session is recorded so you can go back and listen again and again for deeper insights and reflection. ​​

You get all this and more. Coach with me for the next few months, and together we'll change your life.​

Your Investment: $2,800.

I only take on a handful of clients at one time, so call me now and reserve your spot. Honestly, what's stopping you from living the life you deserve? Don't over-think it. Just pick up the phone and let's talk.

Call me now at 1-213-595-2656.

One last thought . . .

I recall at ten years old, my mother pointing out the aura surrounding a candle flame. She was into metaphysics and shared her passion for the unknown. I too, was curious about the unknown. My passion was to find the "one thing" that would forever transform my life. That thing, for me, was intuition.

In a way, my mother was my first coach. So let me ask, who do you have someone in your corner, today, right now, encouraging and teaching and nudging you in the right direction?


Who in your life inspires you to dream bigger, motivates you to be more curious, maybe even challenges you to think and act different?

You can't see me, but I'm raising my hand. Let me be that coach. I know it's a big step, but pick up the phone, right now, and give me a call. (This is me encouraging you to take action.)

I can't wait to hear from you. Go on, give me a shout.

Call me now at 1-213-595-2656.